Torsdag 8 juni - Torsdag 17 augusti
21:00 - 00:00

FIFA 2000, vernissage/afterparty

FIFA 2000, vernissage/afterparty


Taverna Brillo, in collaboration with MEGA Foundation, is happy to present new works by FIFA 2000 for its summer exhibition.

Opening – June 8, 21-02. Exhibition on view through August XX

FIFA 2000 (b 1986 Santiago, Chile) is an autodidact artist working with fast drawings depicting everyday life and mass culture through geometrically twisted fantasies. Having used the format of graffiti but keeping its naivety rather than following established conceptions, his work comes in both small and large scale formats. FIFA 2000’s body of work is situated in the tight contrast between geometric perfection of form and the imperfections of an urban landscape and its social markers. The aesthetic references comments on the asymmetric relationship between expectations and reality, between the market and the power of choice. For his presentation at Taverna Brillo, FIFA 2000 is continuing his ongoing investigation of the tennis court, its geometrical form and the ephemeral moment of reality right before the ball hits the court.

Latest presentations: Material Art Fair (Mexico City), Gallery Prix (Lima, Peru), and MUTT Gallery (Santiago, Chile).

DJs Blahnix, Talisto, Dinamarca