Torsdag 9 maj - Onsdag 5 juni
18:00 - 10:00

Klas Eriksson. Well, some of the Crowd are on the pitch.

Vernissage Växthusbaren

Well, some of the Crowd are on the pitch.

My point of departure in art is the phenomenon of mass culture. Employing various strategies, I aim to explore notions of authenticity, power and artistic expression. I like to establish a communicative immediacy, which is both visually and conceptually innovative, very often carried out in a collective manner.

At Taverna Brillo I have put together works in a wide variety of media such as painting, photography, video, collage and textile in order to establish a dialouge between the different pieces. They can almost be seen as antagonists, that need each other in order to exist. The composition is made up by supporter scarfs from the first five divisons of english football (2017), group photographs of art supporters (2013), smokebomb and oil paintings (2019), a videoinstallation (2017) , a catwalking police officer (2018) and some two headed police dogs (2019).

Klas Eriksson, 2019


Klas Eriksson (b.1976) graduated from The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm in 2010. Since then he has had solo shows at Göteborgs Konsthall (2017), Prosjektrum Norrmans, Stavanger (2015) and Kalmar Art Museum (2013).He has also participated in a large number of group shows in Sweden and internationally. Klas Eriksson works are represented at museums, Public institutions, Private Collections, Statens Konstråd, Göteborg Konst and in Public works.

DJs Lukas Eargoggle & DJ Murmaid (Moment H)
Warm-up Max Ronnersjö